Blur The Ballad Of Daren LP - Blue Vinyl-

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14 juli 2023

1-LP Holland


The Ballad of Darren’, geproduceerd door James Ford en opgenomen in Studio 13 in Londen en Devon, is het negende studioalbum van de band, hun eerste sinds The Magic Whip uit 2015, met als artwork een foto van de Britse fotograaf Martin Parr.

Damon Albarn: “This is an aftershock record, reflection and comment on where we find ourselves now.” Graham Coxon: “The older and madder we get, it becomes more essential that what we play is loaded with the right emotion and intention. Sometimes just a riff doesn’t do the job.” Alex James: “For any long term relationship to last with any meaning you have to be able to surprise each other somehow and somehow we all continue to do that.” Dave Rowntree: “It always feels very natural to make music together. With every record we do, the process reveals something new and we develop as a band. We don’t take that for granted.”


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