Harry Nilsson Nilsson Schmilsson Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Super Audio CD

Harry Nilsson was many things in life—revered songwriter, razorsharp wit, gifted singer, studio pioneer, daring poet, cult icon, creative maverick, fearless interpreter, larger-than-life inspiration, man of mystery and intrigue. All these hallmark facets come together in a resplendent symphony on Nilsson Schmilsson, a go-to standout in the beloved artist’s vaunted canon and his most commercially successful release. Home to the number-one smash “Without You,” Top 10 novelty hit “Coconut,” and deceptively upbeat “Gotta Get Up”—prominently featured in the Netflix series “Russian Doll”—the 1971 work walks a tightrope between streamlined accessibility and mischievous, whimsical individualism like no other music of the era.


  • Numbered, Limited Edition
  • Strictly Limited to 2,500 Numbered Copies
  • Super Audio CD
  • SACD Stereo SACD Layer
  • This Hybrid SACD contains a 'Red Book' Stereo CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!
  • Mastered From Original Master Tapes


  1. Gotta Get Up
  2. Driving Alone
  3. Early In The Morning
  4. The Moonbeam Song
  5. Down
  6. Without You
  7. Coconut
  8. Let the Good Times Roll
  9. Jump Into The Fire
  10. I'll Never Leave You
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