Ryan Adams Wednesday LP + 7'

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19 maart 2021

Wednesdays is purely raw, vulnerable, and honest. The music takes you on a deep dive exploring the complex heart of Ryan Adams, through a journey of love, pain, and heartbreak. The album so effortlessly creates an immediate connection with anyone who has ever experienced love lost -the type of love that haunts you in quiet places of your mind.


  1. I’m Sorry And I Love You
  2. Who Is Going To Love Me Now, If Not You
  3. When You Cross Over
  4. Walk In The Dark
  5. Poison & Pain
  6. Wednesdays
  7. Birmingham
  8. So, Anyways
  9. Mamma
  10. Lost In Time
  11. Dreaming You Backwards

    Bonus 7"

    • Side A: Red And Orange Special
    • Side B: Somewhere It Is Spring
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