The Phil Collins Big Band A Hot Night In Paris 2LP

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1 feb 2019

• Double LP
• Remastered

Phil Collins, drums
Daryl Stuermer, guitar
Brad Cole, piano, keyboards
George Duke, piano (D:3)
Doug Richeson, bass
Luis Conte, percussion
Matt James, alto saxophone
Gerald Albright, alto saxophone
Chris Collins, tenor saxophone
Larry Panella, tenor saxophone
Ian Nevins, tenor saxophone
Kevin Sheehan, baritone saxophone
Arturo Velasco, trombone
Scott Bliege, trombone
Mark Bettcher, trombone
Antonio Garcia, trombone
Dan Fornero, trumpet
Harry Kim, trumpet
Tito Carillo, trumpet
Al Hood, trumpet
Ron Modell, trumpet

Side A:

1. Sussudio
2. That's All
3. Invisible Touch
Side B:
4. Chips & Salsa
5. Hold On My Heart
6. I Don't Cary Anymore
Side C:
1. Milestones
2. Against All Odds
Side D:
3. Pick Up the Pieces
4. The Los Endos Suite

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