Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins 2LP

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18 aug 2017.

Grizzly Bear is a four piece band including Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor and Chris Bear, founded in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York. Since its inception, the band has released four studio albums (Horn of Plenty, Yellow House, Veckatimest, Shields) and toured throughout the world. Over the years they have enamored fans and the press, building an extremely passionate base across the globe and topping
“Best Of” lists with many of their efforts.Since their last album Shields in 2012, all four members have explored many different interests including travel, politics, and culinary ventures in addition to producing music individually and collaborating with other artists. In 2016 they began work on a new album. The band has now signed to
RCA Records (not yet announced) and have finished their forthcoming fifth album, due out this summer! Initial buzz about a new album began in October of last year
when Ed announced that it was 90% done. Since then, fans have been patiently waiting as finishing touches have been made. Just a few weeks ago, the band’s official Instagram was used for the first time ever, posting a mysterious “loop” of sound & imagery! The cryptic posts have continued, keeping fans coming back again and again and causing the press to speculate that something new is coming very soon.

01. Wasted Acres
02. Mourning Sound
03. Four Cypresses
04. Three Rings
05. Losing All Sense
06. Aquarian
07. Cut-Out
08. Glass Hillside
09. Neighbors
10. Systole
11. Sky Took Hold

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