Stockfisch Records Closer To The Music Vol. 3 SACD

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• Includes the previously unreleased track "Dedicated To..." by Allan Taylor

1. Dedicated to... (Allan Taylor)
2. Winter (Allan Taylor)
3. When I Didn't Care (Sara K)
4. After There's a Blizzard (Sara K)
5. Seaside Rendezvous (Dennis Kolen)
6. For Cloud Dog and Jane (Dennis Kolen)
7. Chinese Girl (Ewen Carruthers)
8. Lovebirds (Ewen Carruthers)
9. Love Can Be That Way (Eugene Ruffolo)
10. Hello In There (David Munyon)
11. Louisiana Rain (David Munyon)
12. An American Car (Paul O'Brien)
13. Waiting (The Paperboys)
14. Lovely Madness (Beoga)
15. Factory Girl (Beoga)
16. Sharpening a Knife (Carl & Parissa)
17. Mother's Song (Carl & Parissa)
18. Wolkenmeer (Beo Brockhausen)

Total playing time, 75:26

This Stockfisch collection was released as a SUPER AUDIO CD. The DSD Stereo program requires an SACD player for playback. This Hybrid Disc also contains a CD layer with all tracks in 16bit/PCM format playable on any normal CD player.

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