B.B. Driftwood - Southward Bound SACD.

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• Stereo SACD with Outstanding Sound Quality
• Features Appearances by Maria Winther and Eric Bibb
• 12 Tracks + Lyrics All Written by B.B. Driftwood
• This Hybrid SACD is playable on ALL CD Players!

B.B. Driftwood, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, harmonica
Maria Winther, backing vocals
Eric Bibb, 12-stringed acoustic guitar
Staffan Astner, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Gunnar M. Lidstrom, electric guitar
Johan Lindstrom, pedal steel, lap steel
Sven Lindvall, upright bass
Peter Forss, upright bass, fiddle
Per Lindvall, drums, percussion
Sebastian Notini, percussion
Paris Renita, backing vocals
Monica Tornkvist, backing vocals
Sylver Logan Sharp, backing vocals
Daryl Hunt, backing vocals, organ
Oscar Skogholt, backing vocals
Cecilia Skogholt, backing vocals

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