Chicago The Blues Today Vol. 1,2,3 HQ 3LP Box

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• Limited Edition 180g Vinyl
• Audiophile Remastering
• Triple LP Box Set
• 20-Page Booklet with detailed liner notes from Samuel Charters and Absolutely Eye-Boggling Session Photos taken by Charters` wife, Ann.
• Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

The Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band: (LP1, Side One, 1-5)
Junior Wells, harmonica, vocals
Buddy Guy, guitar
Jack Myers, bass
Fred Below, drums

J.B. Hutto and his Hawks: (LP1, Side One, 6-7; LP1, Side Two, 1-3)
J.B. Hutto, guitar, vocals
Herman Hassell, bass
Frank Kirkland, drums

Otis Spann`s South Side Piano: (LP1, Side Two, 4-8)
Otis Spann, piano, vocals
S.P. Leary, drums

The Jimmy Cotton Blues Quartet: (LP2, Side One, 1-5)
Jimmy Cotton, harmonica, vocals
James Madison, guitar
Otis Spann, piano
S.P. Leary, drums

The Otis Rush Blues Band: (LP2, Side One, 6-7; LP2, Side Two, 1-3)
Otis Rush, guitar, vocals
Robert "Sax" Crowder, alto sax
Luther Tucker, rhythm guitar
Roger Jones, bass
Willie Lion, drums

Homesick James and his Dusters: (LP2, Side Two, 4-7)
Homesick James Williamson, guitar, vocals
Willie Dixon, bass
Frank Kirkland, drums

Johnny Young`s South Side Blues Band: (LP3, Side One, 1-6)
Johnny Young, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Walter Horton, harmonica
Hayes Ware, bass
Elga Edmonds, drums

The Johnny Shines Blues Band: (LP3, Side Two, 1-4, 6-7)
Johnny Shines, guitar, vocals
Walter Horton, harmonica
Floyd Jones, bass
Frank Kirkland, drums

Big Walter Horton`s Blues Harp Band with Memphis Charlie: (LP3, Side Two, 5)
Walter Horton, lead harmonica
Memphis Charlie Musselwhite, 2nd harmonica
Johnny Shines, guitar
Floyd Jones, bass
Frank Kirkland, drums

LP1 - Vol. 1, Side One:

1. Help Me (A Tribute To Sonny Boy Williamson)
2. It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong)
3. Messin` With The Kid
4. Vietcong Blues
5. All Night Long
6. Going Ahead
7. Please Help
LP1 - Vol. 1, Side Two:
1. Too Much Alcohol
2. Married Woman Blues
3. That`s The Truth
4. Marie
5. Burning Fire
6. S.P. Blues
7. Sometimes I Wonder
8. Spann`s Stomp

LP2 - Vol. 2, Side One:
1. Cotton Crop Blues
2. The Blues Keep Falling
3. Love Me Or Leave Me
4. Rocket 88
5. West Helena Blues
6. Everything`s Going To Turn Out Alright
7. It`s A Mean Old World
LP2 - Vol. 2, Side Two:
1. I Can`t Quit You Baby
2. Rock
3. It`s My Own Fault
4. Dust My Broom
5. Somebody Been Talkin`
6. Set A Date
7. So Mean To Me

LP3 - Vol. 3, Side One:
1. One More Time
2. Kid Man Blues
3. My Black Marie
4. Stealin` Back
5. I Got Mine In Time
6. Tighten Up On It
LP3 - Vol. 3, Side Two:
1. Dynaflow Blues
2. Black Spider Blues
3. Layin` Down My Shoes And Clothes
4. If I Get Lucky
5. Rockin` My Bridge
6. Mr. Boweevil
7. Hey, Hey

Recorded December 1965 at RCA Studios, Chicago.

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