Stir it Up Dust Cover

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€ 49,99 (inclusief btw)

PRE-ORDER Release Expected June 2024

First in class in sound and performance. A new tier of turntable offered under the House of Marley. Better speed stability and vibration dampening. Producing the highest fidelity audio experience possible. The
Stir It Up Max, gives you maximum sound, maximum performance, and maximum sustainability.

• Superior Quality: Display and protect the Stir It Up family
of turntables with a clear and rigid dust cover. Functional
during and in-between uses from dust, pets, kids and other
potential dangers
• Compatibility: Stir It Up Turntable, Stir It Up Wireless
Turntable, Stir It Up Max

• Recycled Acrylic
• Setacryl
Key Features:


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