Steve Watson Born To Boogie / My Little One 12"

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Release: 23-04-2022 | Label: Music On Vinyl / Bertus

1 x 12″

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • XL hype sticker
  • RSD2022 sticker
  • First time on coloured vinyl
  • The Holy Grail of Dutch Boogie in replica “Killroy” artwork sleeve
  • Limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on crystal clear vinyl

Steve Watson’s “Born To Boogie” (with the “Yacht Rock”-ish b-side “My Little One”) is one of the Holy Grails of Dutch Boogie and Funk 12-inches. Released in 1981 on the Dutch Killroy Records label, there were two different 7-inches (with each their own version of the track) and one 12-inch available. Although the 7-inches come up for sale regularly, the 12-inch became a rarity almost instantly. With its electronic synths, melody and vocals, it’s a prime example of the post-disco sound, which was played in the famous Paradise Garage Club (New York, US) by legendary DJ Larry Levan.

The original 12-inch of Burn To Boogie / My Little One was pressed in very limited quantities, estimated 300 copies. It is now available on coloured vinyl for the very first time as an exclusive Record Store Day 2022 release. A limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies is available on crystal clear vinyl. The sleeve features replica “Killroy” artwork.


Side A

  1. Born To Boogie

Side B

  1. My Little One
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