Mariah Carey #1’s 2LP

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Release: 23-04-2022 | Label: Legacy Recordings / Bertus

RSD 2022

2x LP

Originally released in November 1998, #1’s is a collection of the first 13 Mariah Carey singles to hit #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 plus four then-new bonus tracks the artist recorded for the album as a special treat for her fans. Showcasing chart-toppers (released from 1990 – 1998) including “Vision of Love” (Mariah’s first single), “Always Be My Baby,” “Fantasy” and “One Sweet Day,” this special RSD edition of #1’s marks the first vinyl repressing of the album since 1998. Having hit the top slot on Billboard Hot 100 with nineteen separate singles since 1990, Mariah Carey holds the record for most #1 US singles by a solo artist.

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