David Keenan What Then? LP - Yellow Transparant Vinyl-

Vorige . 266 van 1973 Volgende
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1 okt 2021


1-LP Holland

World / Folk

Young Irish iconoclast David Keenan kicks off the trek to his forthcoming second album with his first single of the year. The fantastically-titled 'Peter O'Toole's Drinking Stories' is an extraordinary mix of spoken-word verse and wild, free-rolling folk-rock; thrillingly produced by Jonathon Mooney, of atmospheric Portland OR indie-rockers Other Lives, and featuring Aaron Steele on drums (best known for his work with Hayley Williams and Portugal. The Man). David Keenan's first album - A Beginner's Guide To Bravery - was released by Rubyworks in 2020. He also released a full-length concert film and documentary - Alchemy & Prose. His Top 10 songs on Spotify already have enjoyed more than 20 million combined plays.


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