Pokey Lafarge In The Blossom Of Their Shade LP + 7' - Orange Vinyl

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31 okt 2021

Pokey LaFarge will return with ‘In The Blossom of Their Shade’ on September 10th via New West Records. The 10-song set was produced and arranged by Pokey LaFarge and Chris Seefried and recorded in Chicago, IL & Los Angeles, CA. The collection is the follow up to LaFarge’s critically acclaimed 2020 studio LP Rock Bottom Rhapsody which NPR’s Fresh Air named a “Best of 2020” and an “Album that made an art of escapism.” Pokey LaFarge has also announced his initial tour dates in support of In the Blossom of Their Shade. 

  • Vinyl LP


Side A:

  1. Get It 'Fore It's Gone
  2. Mi Ideal
  3. Fine To Me
  4. Drink Of You
  5. Rotterdam

Side B:

  1. To Love Or Be Alone
  2. Long For The Heaven I Seek
  3. Killing Time
  4. Yo-Yo
  5. Goodnight, Goodbye (Hope Not Forever)
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