Van Morrison Latest Record Project Volume 1 3LP

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7 mei 2021

Van Morrison’s status as an artist of integrity and distinction is self-evident: his reputation precedes him. For the release of his 42nd studio album, Latest Record Project Volume I, There is real ambition to make a difference by engaging new ears, eyes and minds to the project. A rapid evolution of the marketing mix provides us with energy for fresh perspective to illuminate the classic and timeless quality of the most important element throughout – the music itself: Thank God for the Blues.

  • 3LP
  • Trifold sleeve


Side A:

  1. Latest Record Project
  2. Where Have All The Rebels Gone
  3. Psychoanalysts' Ball
  4. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
  5. Tried To Do The Right Thing

Side B:

  1. The Long Con
  2. Thank God For The Blues
  3. Big Lie
  4. A Few Bars Early

Side C:

  1. It Hurts Me Too
  2. Only A Song
  3. Diabolic Pressure
  4. Deadbeat Saturday Night
  5. Blue Funk

Side D:

  1. Double Agent
  2. Double Bind
  3. Love Should Come With A Warning
  4. Breaking The Spell
  5. Up County Down

Side E:

  1. Duper's Delight
  2. My Time After A While
  3. He's Not The Kingpin
  4. Mistaken Identity

Side F:

  1. Stop Bitching, Do Something
  2. Western Man
  3. They Own The Media
  4. Why Are You On Facebook?
  5. Jealousy
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