Kayak Out Of This World 180g 2LP & CD - Yellow Vinyl-

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7 mei 2021


World / Yellow / 2lp+CD / 180gr.

3-LP Holland

Rock / Progressive Rock

Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Lp+CD, Gatefold Sleeve, Indie Only

Over the course of a career that so far spans 48 years, KAYAK have established themselves as one of Holland's most successful progressive rock bands, with a loyal, international fanbase. And now there’s ‘Out Of This World’, the band’s eighteenth studio album, with 15 new tracks, spanning 70 minutes of energetic and incredibly diverse material- though still very much recognizable as Kayak. The tracks on the album could hardly be more diverse, showing Kayak’s broad musical horizon, while still deeply rooted in prog. Moving ballads, adventureous epics, solid rock and sophisticated melodies- it’s all there, and more. Just what Kayak is all about. The album will arrive as a Limited CD Digipak & Gatefold 180g 2LP + CD.


  • 180g Double Vinyl LP
  • CD
  • Gatefold


  1. Out Of This World
  2. Waiting
  3. Under A Scar
  4. Kaja
  5. Mystery
  6. Critical Mass
  7. As The Crow Flies
  8. The Way She Said Goodbye
  9. Traitor's Gate
  10. Distance To Your Heart
  11. Red Rag To A Bull
  12. One By One
  13. A Writer's Tale
  14. Cary
  15. Ship Of Theseus
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