Style Council Long Hot Summer The Story Of The Style Council 3LP

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30 okt 2020

De 2CD set bevat 37 nummers; de limited edition heavyweight 3LP set bevat 32 nummers. Alle tracks zijn geremastered in Abbey Road
Hieronder natuurlijk alle singles en tevens een aantal album tracks en een paar rarities.Het ultieme overzicht voor de Style Council en Paul Weller liefhebbers.

Side A
1. Headstart for Happiness
2. Long Hot Summer
3. My Ever-Changing Moods
4. Walls Come Tumbling Down!
5. Party Chambers
Side B
1. Wanted (or Waiter, There's…)
2. Shout to the Top!
3. It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands
4. Come to Milton Keynes
5. Why I Went Missing
6. Waiting
Side C
1. Ghosts Of Dachau
2. Down in the Seine
3. The Paris Match
4. Life at a Top People's Health Farm
5. Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse (Extended version)
Side D
1. Speak Like a Child
2. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only…)
3. Money Go Round
4. You're the Best Thing
5. How She Threw It All Away
Side E
1. A Man of Great Promise
2. The Piccadilly Trail
3. A Solid Bond in Your Heart
4. Sweet Loving Ways
5. Promised Land
6. It Didn't Matter
Side F
1. Have You Ever Had It Blue
2. Spin' Drifting
3. Here's One That Got Away
4. Changing of the Guard
5. My Ever-Changing Moods (Demo)

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