The Neville Brothers Yellow Moon LP

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Aaron Neville, vocals, percussion, keyboard
Art Neville, vocals, keyboard
Charles Neville, sax, percussion, background vocals
Cyril Neville, vocals, hand drums, percussion
Daniel Lanois, guitar, keyboards
Brian Eno, keyboard, sound effects
Brian Stoltz, guitar, percussion, background vocals
Tony Hall, bass, percussion, background vocals
Willie Green, drum kit, chinese drum
Malcolm Burn, guitar, keyboards
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Side A:
1. My Blood
2. Yellow Moon
3. Fire and Brimstone
4. A Change Is Gonna Come
5. Sister Rosa
6. With God On Our Side

Side B:
7. Wake Up
8. Voodoo
9. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
10. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
11. Healing Chant
12. Wild Injuns

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