Depeche Mode Spirits In The Forest 2CD

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26 juni 2020

Following the big success of the documentary SPiRiTS in the Forest at the international box office, in the media, among fans, Depeche Mode, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, releases its feature documentary / live Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest, in 2DVD / 2CD and 2Blu-Ray / 2CD as well as in double audio CD,This special four-disc configuration (two video discs plus two audio discs) presents the entire world of Depeche: The SPiRiTS in the Forest experience will be most immersive. The boxes contain the documentary SPiRiTS in the Forest, as well as the concert LiVE SPiRiTS filmed during the last two shows of the Global Spirit Tour at the Waldbühne in Berlin. These images were never broadcast in their entirety. In addition to this original support, two audio CDs retranscribe this unique performance. This box promises to be essential for collectors, longtime fans and newcomers.

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