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17 juli 2020

Lianne La Havas has returned with her first new material in five years. After spending years away from home touring and promoting her first two albums, Lianne found it hard to go back into the studio. But after a fantastic show at Glastonbury in June 2019, she again found the inspiration to get started. She and her band decided to record their live version of Radiohead’s ‘Weird Fishes’. Lianne: “I had the most wonderful, nourishing experience recording that. And that’s where I decided: the rest of the album needs to be like this. It’s got to be my band, and I’ve got to do it in London, whenever people have time. ” In October all songs were finished and in December everything was recorded with the help of songwriter Matt Hales, co-producer Beni Giles, and guest co-producer Mura Masa. “I’d forgotten how much I love singing,” La Havas said of her experience in returning to the studio. “I’ve tapped into the best and worst parts of me and while I didn’t expect this to be the new direction, it’s my reality and its driven by emotion.” 

TRACKLIST 1. Bittersweet 2. Read My Mind 3. Green Papaya 4. Can’t fight 5. Paper Thin 6. Out Of Your Mind (Interlude) 7. Weird Fishes 8. Please Don’t Make Me Cry 9. Seven Times 10. Courage 11. Sour Flower

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