Dewolff Tascam Tapes LP - White Vinyl-

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10 jan 2020

DeWolff are back and returning to your stereo this winter, but this time they strip down and go COMPACT! No drum kit, no Hammond and no guitar amps, as they present to you, the Tascam Tapes. Written, performed and recorded on the road and it sounds like a million bucks! Adjust your ears. On the road, there was 10,000 miles of inspiration, a billion particles floating around in the air, just waiting to be turned into songs. It’s like it was almost too much to take in. So, they narrowed the possibilities down to four channels…

Singer Pablo van de Poel, why would you do such a thing? Pablo: “Well, partly because it seemed fun and it was about time to do something completely different and partly out of necessity. It was recorded in tiny crammed little spaces like the back of our touring van or in some tiny backstage somewhere, so we had to use portable stuff like a drum sampler and pocket synthesizer to make it work.”

For their 7th ‘studio’ album, their studio was essentially packed into a suitcase. ‘Tascam Tapes’ was recorded on a Tascam Porta Two, a four track cassette recorder from the 1980’s. The only equipment they used was a sampler with some rare soul and funk sampled drum beats loaded in by Luka, a battery powered synthesizer and a guitar, all plugged directly into the recorder.

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