Mobile Fidelity Outer Sleeves - 50 stuks

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Polyethylene 4mil Protective 12" Sleeves

1-VAR Usa

Safeguard Your Vinyl LP Jackets from Wear and Debris with Archival-Quality Mobile Fidelity Sound LabRecord Outer Sleeves: 4mil Protective Sleeves Help Keep Album Covers in Pristine Condition

Protect your record covers from damage, hair, and dust and keep your vinyl LP jackets in tip-top shape with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Record Outer Sleeves. Featuring 4mil thickness that affords stellar archival safekeeping as well as easy access on shelves or racks, these polyethylene sleeves guard against scuffs, wear, denting, dirt, and all sorts of debris. They'll help keep your record jackets – and the precious artwork and graphics that make vinyl far superior to any download or CD – in mint condition. Plus, they're sized just large enough to provide a close fit while allowing enough room to accommodate gatefold jackets. An absolute necessity for any record lover and a no-brainer investment. Each pack contains 50 outer sleeves.


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