Woven Hand Early Woven Hand 4LP

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30 nov 2018

Woven Hand
The Good Hand 
My Russia 
Blue Pail Fever 
Glass Eye 
Wooden Brother 
Ain't No Sunshine 
Story And Pictures 
Your Russia 
Last Fist

Blush Music 
Cripplegate (Standing On Glass) 
Animalitos (Aint No Sunshine) 
White Bird 
Snake Bite 
My Russia (Standing On Hands) 
The Way 
Aeolian Harp (Under The World) 
Your Russia (Without Hands) 
Another White Bird 
Story And Pictures

Consider The Birds 
Sparrow Falls 
Bleary Eyed Duty 
To Make A Ring 
Off The Cuff 
Chest Of Drawers 
Oil On Panel 
The Speaking Hands 
Down In Yon Forest 
Tin Finger 
Into The Piano

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