Aretha Franklin Aretha with the Ray Bryant Combo 180g LP

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Speakers Corner

• 180g High Quality Vinyl
• 100% Analogue

Aretha Franklin, vocals, piano
Quentin Jackson, trombone
Tyree Glenn, trombone
Al Sears, tenor saxophone
Ray Bryant, piano
Lord Westbrook, guitar
Skeeter Best, guitar
Milt Hinton, bass
Bill Lee, bass
Belton Evans, drums
Sticks Evans, drums
Osie Johnson, drums

Side One:

1. Won't Be Long
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Love Is The Only Thing
4. Sweet Lover
5. All Night Long
6. Who Needs You?
Side Two:
1. Right Now
2. Are You Sure
3. Maybe I'm A Fool
4. It Ain't Necessarily So
5. By Myself
6. Today I Sing The Blues

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