The Audiophile Spectrum 180g Test LP

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mei 2017

Audiophile Pressing 
• 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl 
• Direct from the Analogue Master-Tapes
• Reference Test Record 
• Limited Edition 
• Luxury Gatefold Jacket
• Made in Austria

Side A:

1. On Broadway
2. Besame Mucho
3. Fracanapa
4. Rolmo
5. Smoke
Side B:
1. Golden Moments
2. Air, Love & Vitamins
3. In A Sentimental Mood
4. Call & Response
5. Lucky Southern

On Broadway: 3/3 Transparency, Bass Resolution, 3D Positioning; 2/3 Stage Feeling, Timbre; 1/3 Dynamic Range.
Grey was recorded in a live studio session in New Jersey. Steve's bass was routed through a large Marshall guitar (!) amplifier to achieve a warm and soft sound with very good foot-tapping quality. Driving the song is Victor's quarter-note base drum and the percussion playing of Don. Perfect microphone positions make the recording transparent and deep; just listen to the sharp but never harsh transients of Wolfgang's flute.
Performed by Grey: Wolfgang Puschnig, flute; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Don Alias, percussion, drums; Victor Lewis, drums. 

Besame Mucho: 3/3 Transparency, Bass Resolution, Stage Feeling; 2/3 Dynamic Range, Timbre; 1/3 3D Positioning.
Close microphone positions for each instrument gave the freedom in sound-design: Linda's voice should perfectly stand above all other instruments, pinpoint-locatable even in front of your speakers. For vibraphone various effects were used to make it sound even more intense and natural. Bass and base drum are both equally massive but well separated. The sound stage design was aiming for an abstract but true stage feeling.
Performed by Linda Sharrock, vocals; Wolfgang Puschnig, alto sax, flute; Bumi Flan, trumpet; Woody Schabatta, vibraphone; Achim Tang, bass; Laurinho Bandeira, percussion; Reinhart Winkler, drums. 

Fracanapa: 3/3 Bass Resolution, Dynamic Range, Stage Feeling; 2/3 Transparency, Timbre; 1/3 3D Positioning.
Unexpected but natural violin sound close to the instrument: In this jazz/tango environment the violin was wanted to sound direct and with intense transients. Careful design of reverb-rooms gives a transparent layering with every single instrument being extremely up-front. the accordion was deliberately separated between left and right hand: bass and melody register play different musical roles. 3D positioning gives the quartet the power of a tango orchestra.
Performed by Gerald Preinfalk, soprano sax; Benjamin Schmid, violin; Klaus Paier, accordion; Per Mathisen, electric & acoustic bass 

Rolmo: 3/3 Transparency, Bass Resolution, 3D Positioning, Dynamic Range; 1/3 Timbre.
102 inputs busy in the analog Neve console: Original sounds recorded from all over the world in the arrangements of a record. Pro-Ject wanted to combine the world music feeling with modern pop aesthetics. A lot of bass power, extreme dynamics and still natural timbre of the saxophones and the drum kit. The well chosen compression by mastering engineer Emily Lazar enables you to listen to the song at any volume with increasing fun-factor.
Performed by Melo X: Christian Eder, soprano & alto sax, clarinet; Gabriele Riegler, tenor sax, bass clarinet; Nicole Marsel, alto sax, alto flute; Arne Marsel, soprano sax, electronics; Mario Lackner, drums; Wolfgang Schaik, electric guitar solo 

Smoke: 3/3 Transparency, 3D Positioning, Timbre; 2/3 Bass Resolution, Dynamic range; 1/3 Stage Feeling.
blue Moments is an "all-tube-recording to achieve a very present and natural sound of each instrument, well balanced with the vocals. There are three solos in this song: piano, bass & drums. Three extra cuts on this disc give you direct access to each of the solos. Listen to the natural timbre of bass and drums and how well they are located in stereo panorama. In the front/back dimension there are three layers: Voice, piano, rhythm group.
Performed by Sabina Hank, vocals, piano; Georg Breinschmid, bass; Stephan Eppinger, drums. 

Golden Moments: 3/3 Transparency, Dynamic Range, Stage Feeling; 2/3 Bass Resolution, Timbre; 1/3 3D Positioning.
Recorded live in the famous Sofiensale in Vienna you can hear the acoustics of his legendary hall. The natural stage feeling is generated by the stereo panorama of the big band, too: The soloist stays in front of the stage, the ensemble behind: saxophones to the right, trumpets in the middle, trombones to the left, the rhythm section slightly behind the brass section. Panorama is rather wide than deep to keep the arrangement transparent.
Performed by the Vienna Art Orchestra; Mathias Ruegg, composition & arrangement, leader; Florian Brambock, alto sax. 

Air, Love & Vitamins: 3/3 Dynamic Range, Timbre; 2/3 Transparency, Bass Resolution, 3D Positioning, Stage Feeling.
Unlike in the Sabina Hank Trio recording, all instruments play equally important musical roles in the song, therefore Pro-Ject wanted all musicians to be in the front row. All three musicians make the song interesting with sensitive fine-dynamic nuances: This made microphone placement particularly difficult. Bass and base drum are both panned to the center. Through specially selected microphones and good filtering, both instruments still sound well separated.
Performed by Wolfgang Muthspiel, electric guitar; Marc Johnson, bass; Brian Blade, drums. 

In A Sentimental Mood: 3/3 3D Positioning, Stage Feeling, Timbre; 2/3 Bass Resolution, Dynamic Range; 1/3 Transparency.
Very intimate atmosphere: only two instruments are playing. The easy way would be to imitate a natural stage setup: one instrument to the left, the other to the right. But this song needed a different approach: Steve's bass should embrace the sound of the saxophone to float and fill the room. Besides being the fundament of the song, the bass also excels in its double function as a guitar. Enjoy the soft air and articulate transients of the saxophone, too.
Performed by Wolfgang Puschnig, alto sax; Steve Swallow, electric bass 

Call & Response: 3/3 3D Positioning, Stage Feeling; 2/3 Transparency, Bass Resolution, Dynamic Range, Timbre.
A "mini big band." Brass section up-front, then bass, and drums in the back. 3D-positioning is brilliant during the solos, so there are three extra cuts: baritone sax, bass, drums. Every single instrument can be perfectly spotted, still the band keeps its tight ensemble-sound. A modern sound version of the classic "Impulse!" recordings. The arrangement is spectacular in its stage-feeling-qualities, a game of call and response between the instruments.
Performed by Thomas Gansch, Thorsten Benkenstain, trumpets; Ed Partyka, Dominik Stoger, trombones; Florian Brambock, alto sax; Harry Sokal, tenor sax; Herwig Gradischnig, baritone sax; Georg Breinschmid, bass; Mario Gonzi, drums. 

Lucky Southern: 3/3 3D Positioning, Stage Feeling, Timbre; 2/3 Transparency, Dynamic Range; 1/3 Bass Resolution.
The solo guitar of Rudy Linka was recorded with a coincident pair of tube microphones in single-point setup to achieve an almost holographic reproduction of the beautiful instrument. Pro-Ject wanted the guitar sound larger-than-life and really fill the space between the loudspeakers - a well defined cinema scope sound: Just close your eyes and feel yourself sitting on the front porch of your farm, with Rudy playing a song for you on his guitar.
Performed by Rudy Linka, acoustic & electric guitar; John Abercrombie, John Scofield, electric guitars; Don Fabricatore, bass; Kenny Wollesen, drums.

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