The Band The Last Waltz 40th Anniversary Edition 180g 6LP Box Set

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 180g Vinyl
• 6LP Box Set
• Ornate lift-top box

Side A:

1. Theme From the Last Waltz
2. Up On Cripple Creek
3. The Shape I'm In
4. It Makes No Difference
Side B:
5. Who Do You Love (feat. Ronnie Hawkins)
6. Life Is A Carnival
7. Such A Night (feat. Dr. John)
8. The Weight
9. Down South In New Orleans (feat. Bobby Charles)

Side C:
1. This Wheels On Fire
2. Mystery Train (feat. Paul Butterfield0
3. Caldonia 
4. Mannish Boy (feat. Muddy Waters)
Side D:
5. Stagefright
6. Rag Mama Rag
7. All Our Past Times
8. Further On Up the Road (feat. Eric Clapton

Side E:
1. Ophelia
2. Helpless (feat. Neil Young)
3. Four Strong Winds
4. Coyote (feat. Joni Mitchell)
Side F:
5. Shadows and Light
6. Furry Sings the Blues
7. Acadian Driftwood
8. Dry Your Eyes

Side G:
1. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
2. Tura Lura Lural [That's An Irish Lullaby] (feat. Van Morrison)
3. Caravan (feat. Van Morrison)
4. The Night They drove Old Dixie Down
5. The Genetic Method / Chest Fever
Side H:
6. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (feat. Bob Dylan)
7. Hazel
8. I Don't Believe You [She Acts Like We Never Have Met] (feat. Bob Dylan)
9. Forever Young (feat. Bob Dylan)
10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down [Reprise] (feat. Bob Dylan)
11. I Shall Be Released [Finale] (Ensemble)

Side I:
1. Jam #1
2. Jam #2
3. Don't Do It
4. Greensleeves (soundtrack version)
Side J - The Last Waltz Suite:
5. The Well
6. Evangeline (feat. Emmylou Harris)
7. Out of the Blue
8. The Weight (feat. The Staples)
9. The Last Waltz Refrain
10. Theme from The Last Waltz (feat. orchestra)

Side K - rehearsal versions:
1. King Harvest 
2. Tura Lura Lural
3. Caravan
4. Such A Night
5. Rag Mama Rag
Side L:
6. Mad Waltz [Sketch track for "The Well"] (studio version)
7. The Last Waltz Refrain (instrumental)
8. The Last Waltz Theme (Sketch)

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