Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker LP

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9 dec 2016..

Leonard Cohen, acclaimed composer of “Hallelujah”, at the age of 82, is releasing
an album of haunting new songs, which the lucky few who have heard it, deem “a
masterpiece” and “classic Cohen”. The album is called YOU WANT IT DARKER and arrivesin stores this Fall. This great artist continues to astonish us. Uncompromising and urgent, YOU WANT IT DARKER is the latest chapter in Leonard’s significant contribution to contemporarymusic and thought. These startling songshave been beautifully realized in this his 14th and most compelling studio album,produced by his son, Adam Cohen.

1. “You Want It Darker”
2. “Treaty”
3. “On the Level”
4. “Leaving the Table”
5. “If I Didn’t Have Your Love”
6. “Traveling Light”
7. “Seemed the Better Way”
8. “Steer Your Way”
9. String Reprise/ Treaty


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