Rod Stewart Every Picture Tells A Story Single-Layer Stereo Japanese Import SHM-SACD

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€ 39,99 (inclusief btw)

• Super High Material Super Audio CD
• SHM-SACD Stereo SACD Layer
• Single-Layer Stereo SHM-SACD, to secure enough reflectance and not to compress DSD file.
• Label of the disc is printed with a special green ink called 'Onsho Shiyou,' which minimizes diffuse reflection.
• Carefully selected master audio is used, from existing DSD files to newly converted from analog tapes.
• This Single-Layer SHM-SACD can only be played on a Super Audio CD Player! It will NOT play on conventional CD Players!

1. Every Picture Tells A Story
2. Seems Like A Long Time
3. That's All Right 
4. Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time
5. Maggie May
6. Mandolin Wind
7. (I Know) I'm Losing You
8. Reason To Believe

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