Blaudzun Jupiter LP

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First Part of the Jupiter Trilogy

1-LP Holland



Blaudzun's fifth full-length release, 'Jupiter' is an album in three parts. 'Part I' is a full LP with nine songs which all have a fresh sound with melodic eighties guitars, driving drums and a baritone-saxophone. The title of the trilogy refers to planet 'Jupiter', the largest planet and the fifth planet in line from the sun. For the recordings on this album Blaudzun changed his usual modus operandi of working solo or with just one musician at a time. He invited his key players, including his captain Tom Swart (piano), his brother Jakob Sigmond (guitars) and new drummer Simon Levi (known from William Fitzsimmons and Bonne Aparte) to come and record all at the same time.

'Jupiter' reflects the way Blaudzun absorbs art and music: 'Music can be a lifesaver'.


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