Rainbow - A Light In The Black 6CD.

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1.Rainbow - Black Sheep Of The Family
2.Rainbow - Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
3.Rainbow - Snake Charmer
4.Rainbow - The Temple Of The King
5.Rainbow - Tarot Woman -Rough Mix
6.Rainbow - Stargazer -Rough Mix
7.Rainbow - Run With The Wolf -Rough Mix
8.Rainbow - Mistreated -Live In Osaka, Japan / 1976
9.Rainbow - Purple Haze / White Christmas / Lazy / Man On The Silver Mou
1.Rainbow - Sensitive To Light -Rough Mix
2.Rainbow - The Shed
3.Rainbow - Rainbow Eyes -Rough Mix
4.Rainbow - Jesu, Joy Of Man'S Desiring -Bob Daisley Rehearsal Tape
5.Rainbow - Long Live Rock N Roll -L.A. Rehearsal / 1977
6.Rainbow - Do You Close Your Eyes -Bob Daisley Rehearsal Tape
7.Rainbow - Still I'M Sad -With Organ Intro / Bob Daisley Rehearsal Tape
8.Rainbow - Gates Of Babylon
9.Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow -Live/1976 / With Applause
10.Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll -Live In Munich, Germany / 1977
11.Rainbow - L.A. Connection -Live In Munich, Germany / 1977
1.Rainbow - Eyes Of The World -Instrumental Outtake
2.Rainbow - Ain'T A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me
3.Rainbow - Lost In Hollywood
4.Rainbow - Danger Zone
5.Rainbow - Since You Been Gone -Album Version
6.Rainbow - Bad Girl
7.Rainbow - Over The Rainbow / Eyes Of The World -Live At Calderone 1979
8.Rainbow - Love'S No Friend -Live At Calderone 1979
9.Rainbow - Ode To Joy -Live At Calderone 1979
10.Rainbow - All Night Long -Single Remix Version
11.Rainbow - Weiss Heim
12.Rainbow - Stargazer -Live At Donnington/1980
1.Rainbow - Midtown Tunnel Vision
2.Rainbow - I Surrender -Album Version
3.Rainbow - Magic
4.Rainbow - Vielleicht Das Nachster Mal
5.Rainbow - Jealous Lover
6.Rainbow - Spotlight Kid -Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1981
7.Rainbow - Rule Britannia / Fire -Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1
8.Rainbow - Death Alley Driver
9.Rainbow - Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser)
10.Rainbow - Stone Cold -Album Version
11.Rainbow - Power -Live In San Antonio, Tx/1982
12.Rainbow - Miss Mistreated -Live In San Antonio, Tx/1982
13.Rainbow - Tearin' Out My Heart -Live In San Antonio, Tx/1982
1.Rainbow - Can'T Let You Go -Album Version
2.Rainbow - Desperate Heart -Album Version
3.Rainbow - Anybody There -Outtake / Polar Mix
4.Rainbow - Drinking With The Devil -Outtake / Different Guitar Solo
5.Rainbow - Make Your Move
6.Rainbow - Snowman
7.Rainbow - Street Of Dreams -Album Version
8.Rainbow - Stranded -Live At St. David'S Hall, Cardiff/1983 / With Appl
9.Rainbow - Power -Live In Cardiff/1984
10.Rainbow - Fire Dance -Live In Cardiff/1984
11.Rainbow - Fool For The Night -Live At The Tokyo Budokan/1984
12.Rainbow - Difficult To Cure -Live At The Tokyo Budokan
13.Rainbow - Smoke On The Water -Live At The Tokyo Budokan/1984
1.Rainbow - All Night Long -Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
2.Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow -Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
3.Rainbow - Eyes Of The World -Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
4.Rainbow - Lost In Hollywood -Guitar Solo/Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
5.Rainbow - Will You Love Me Tomorrow? -Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
6.Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Pt.1-Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
7.Rainbow - Kill The King -Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
8.Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Pt.2-Live At Monsters Of Rock 1981


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