Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Betty`s Blends 4LP -ltd-

. 1461 van 1615
€ 69,95 (inclusief btw)
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RSD item very rare 


Disc 1

Side A: Crash on the Levee, Star or Stone

Side B: Do Right Woman, Badlands Here We Come, Tornado


Disc 2

Side A: Try Rock & Roll, Jump the Turnstile, Someday Past the Sunset

Side B: Barefoot by the Cherry Tree, Poor Elijah/R. Johnson


Disc 3

Side A: Reflections On A Broken Mirror, 100 Days of Rain

Side B: Saturday Night in S.F., Girl on the Mountain


Disc 4

Side A: Roll Old Jeremiah, Tulsa Yesterday

Side B: Meanwhile in the Gods, Train Robbers, Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham

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