Hi Fi News Analogue Test LP

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Mofi test album

1. Channel Identification
(voice on left channel, voice on right channel)
2. Phasing
(voice alternately in phase and out of phase)
3. Channel balance
(-20dB pink noise L+R)
4. Pink Noise (-20dB, left channel)
5. Pink Noise (-20 dB, right channel)
6. Bias setting (300Hz tone L+R at +12dB)
7. Bias setting (300Hz tone L+R at +14dB)
8. Bias setting (300Hz tone L+R at +16dB)
9. Bias setting (300Hz tone L+R at +18dB)


1. Tracking ability 1 (300Hz L+R at +15dB)
2. Cartridge/arm lateral resonance test
(sweep 25-5Hz L+R +1Hz pilot tone)
3. Cartridge/arm vertical resonance test
(sweep 20Hz-6Hz)
4. Tracking ability 2 (300Hz L+R at +15dB)
5. Cartridge alignment (azimuth) test
(300Hz vertical; L-R at +6 dB; adjust for minimum mono output)
6. Residual system noise (unmodulated groove)
7. Full range frequency system check (20Hz-20kHz L+R)
8. Tracking ability 3 (300Hz L+R at +15dB)

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