Rush - Sector 3 6CD

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1. SIGNALS (1982) - The synthesizer-driven Signals reached the US Top
10 and produced their US No. 1 hit “New World Man” and the Top 20 hits
“Subdivisions” and “The Analog Kid.” 2. GRACE UNDER PRESSURE (1984)
– This 1984 release hit the Top 10 on Billboard’s album chart and features
classics such as “Red Sector A” and “Distant Early Warning.” 3. POWER
WINDOWS (1985) – Released in 1985, Power Windows features US Top 10
hits “Marathon” and “Big Money,” plus the Top 50 hits “Territories” and “Mystic
Rhythms.” 4. HOLD YOUR FIRE (1987) – The Top 20 album includes “Force
Ten” and “Time Stand Still” with both reaching No. 3 on the Mainstream Rock
chart, plus the Top 50 hits “Lock And Key” and “Mission.” 5. A SHOW OF
HANDS (1988) – While 1976’s All The World’s A Stage shows Rush’s hard rock
roots and 1982’s Exit…Stage Left showcases their mix of synth and prog rock,
the Top 50 double live album A Show Of Hands concentrates on the band’s
later synth-driven era with tracks such as “Subdivisions,” “Force Ten,” “Red
Sector A” and “Marathon.” 6.DVD: SIGNALS – The 1982 US Top 10 album
Signals is also featured in high-resolution 96kHz/24-bit 5.1 surround sound
and stereo.


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